UPS Arrivals @ KSDF

Went spotting this morning and here’s some pictures I got before police told me to leave because taking pictures of planes is illegal (it’s not). Don’t ask about my encounter with the police, it’s not the purpose of this topic. :)


I can’t believe you just left like that. I am not 100% sure pn US laws but taking pictures of planes is something that is not forbidden, AFAIK.

Anyways, nice pictures. They are a little bit noisy, you can solve this by either lowering the ISO in your camera settings or by using a third party program (like Dfine) to add soem noise reduction. That takes away some sharpness but you need to find a sweet spot.

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You should have asked which law that was, that forbids you from taking photos of planes. However, I think the police may have misunderstood, if it was really forbidden, it was probably a restricted place you were at.

So it’s illegal to take photos of planes now? What has this world become…

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No, it is not forbidden AFAIK.

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He also had a few other things against us (apparently we were parked in the wrong direction, but we decided it was time to leave when he started talking about his not so friendly K9 (his words). I’ve contacted another loca business to see if spotting in their area is ok.

Lucky! Nice catch of the Kattlia Air beauty…
Shame UPS might be retiring those MD-11 soon :(

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