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Did you know?

Did you know that UPS used to fly passengers? I certainly was surprised to find out when I read about it today!

UPS Airlines passenger service

UPS airlines briefly flew passenger on their five specially configured Boeing 727’s dubbed the Boeing 727QC, in which QC stood for Quick Change.
It’d take five hours for the conversion from cargo to passenger to complete and they’d usually fly them on weekends. They’d normally fly them out of Louisville (KSDF) and Pittsburgh (@KPIT) to destinations in Mexico, like Cancún.
These flights were only for charters though, so they weren’t booked through UPS.

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You can read more about this here:


Watch the 727QC change in action!


I actually remember reading that article around two weeks ago! I wish I could have said that I’ve flown on UPS.

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I just read it today. I was surprised to see a cargo airline do passenger services for a brief time

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Yeah. A brief experiment that wasn’t profitable enough, but still had its own legacy.


That’s amazing, I’m sure they were WAY better than spirit…


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