UPS Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Damn, almost 30 votes ! Hopefully we can see a teaser of that livery soon :)


I love it! I see this aircraft at PHX everytime I go their! :)

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I see it at almost every single international airport!

Yep! It is a very helpful aircraft! :)

photo credit: FlightAware-McDonnell Douglas-MD-11 (tri-jet)

Just sharing some UPS MD-11 action from FlightAware this morning (8:25 EST) so keep on voting folks!

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I think Laura has already confirmed that there’s going to be UPS livery, but I’m not sure if it’s on both DC-10 and MD-11. DC-10 and MD-11 both are workhorses for FedEx and UPS so I’m pretty sure MD-11 will have UPS livery. If not, we will just have a riot until it get added. 🙂


Congratulations, the UPS Livery for the MD-11 Has been confirmed and added

The Developers have heard your voices and have added this livery, thank you to those who voted!


@Balloonchaser - you’re slacking. @Chief305 beat you to it.