UPS Airlines 767-300F

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I feel as if the variants of the 767 in IF are “Small”. For example: We have no -100, -200, -400, or 767F variants so at least for now or when 767 rework does come out, (if it does) I can already have a request made or even have it now.

That is just my opinion. What is yours?

Information of UPS Airlines:
UPS (United Postal Service) delivers cargo to over 100 countries around the globe! With their main base being in Louisville, Kentucky, the American cargo company expanded with several more hubs all around the United States. UPS will be receiving 4 B767-300W from JAL (Japan Airlines).they will be fitted for cargo need. UPS has also recently ordered brand new B747-8F’s (I don’t know the number.) which will replace the current jumbo jet in their fleet the B747-400F. UPS is ordering more 767-300F’s in order to replace the current and aging MD-11F. UPS started in 1929 and is doing better than ever.

Looks like you just copied in pasted the article straight from Wikipedia, try to rephrase it a bit so it’s shorter and more summed up.

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Ok thanks for the info.

My favourite cargo plane and plus it is a lot on my local airport Oslo ENGM

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