Ups a380?

Saw this photo.

Are they really getting an A380? I didn’t even know they were making an A380F…

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Ah ok. Is there going to be an A380F?

A380’s a failure to Airbus

A350 is the way for them to make money

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No it was cancelled

Would not go as far as a failure…

The only airline that really liked the a380 is emirates and orders are declining. Production could stop by 2016. A380 is a failure


Ok then. What about LH?

Yes sir. They are losing a ton of money. A350 is their way to fight back

TBH Only ME3 likes the A380 because of how rich are the people

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LH prefers 747-8 more than A380 in my opinion. Except for high occupancy route to LAX/HKG

They fly the A380 to MIA also.

Lufthansa has 14 but no orders for more. Like Ian said they like the 748 better.

Do Virgin still have an order?

Ok. Thanks.

And to JFK.

There’s an article which saids that LCC can save the A380. But TBH Boeing put this plan out when they are doing the first gen 747

Airbus just did it too late

Virgin has orders for 6 but they have been delayed.

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Ok. Do you know what routes they will fly?

Not yet because they won’t enter into service till 2018 or later.