UPS A330-200F is Unrealistic

I like the fake UPS livery on the A330F.

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It seems there’s only one definitive solution; re-skin the aircraft desert-camouflage and be done with it…

There is another solution: Don’t use it! No one said you had to fly it, so why bother? Plus, there are those who do fly it. If at least one person flys it, then you can’t remove unless there is a very good reason! (Saying that the aircraft should be remove to keep IF realistic is NOT a good reason!).

Your right it isn’t ups uses the A300

Didn’t realize it was from a year ago! Sorry! :(

I see there is a lot of arguing going on. Don’t worry I took care of that! For arguing simply click this:

If that doesn’t help, simply eat a Snickers which can be found at a store or pantry near you :)

p.s. I think it should be removed and the A330-200F should get more liveries :)


Why isn’t realism a good reason, flying simulators are about realism not fake airlines or fake aircraft but how about when ever Boeing or Airbus release a new aircraft why not add that to infinite flight to make it as real as possible

You should at least vote for your own topic or it just seems like you don’t care.

Why is this topic still open? Can @moderators close this? It’s just ridiculous :)

This topic I see over a year and a half old, long before the IFC had the vote system in #features . He gets a pass for not voting :)

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This is PROBABLY Laura’s prediction of UPS’s next fleet member.


Seem legit…


Not legit, that is a Boeing 767…


But the nose wheel is a330-200f

Anyway, this topic should be closed

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Everything that no longer or doesn’t exist in real life that is in IF should be removed? Goodbye Delta 787-8, IF 787-8, 747-200, 777-200 In IF colours, basically all IF liveries then. If its not realistic don’t add or keep it. Oh wait I love the UPS a330, I love the IF 787 and the Delta 787. If you don’t like it don’t fly it. Its legit that simple. I don’t know why some people don’t realize that. Either way everyone who said it should be removed, a simple vote should suffice your support for this thread. Now lets just accept it. Shall we? Thank You!


I don’t know Rick seems fake

lol this thread was way before voting was added to the community

But we can vote now so VOTE!! Its that simple

That is a B767, the nose and the winglets are wayy too much different

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