UPS A330-200F is Unrealistic

While choosing my plane earlier I noticed that on the A330-200F and there was a UPS livery on it. Living in a city with a lot of UPS traffic I know they don’t operate this plane. They don’t even operate another kind of A330. This livery should be taken off because it doesn’t exist nor has it ever.


Would this be a feature request?

Kind of, I’m saying it shouldn’t be on IF.


I don’t mind it, I love the -200F, and I don’t want it removed at all. I have counted 11 other liveries that could be added, and that you can fly.


It’s a very good plane, and I’m not saying I don’t like it, because I do fly it a lot. This livery just doesn’t belong, maybe they could add it somewhere else, like the 747-400.


They used to! So what your saying is all airlines who no longer operate the plane should be removed eg 747-200 Air Canada

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Can you please prove it to me?

This is a link to their present/past fleet:

They operate the A300 but never have flown the a330.

Nice one. I did not believe it at first. The 767 is the plane that comes close.

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This is a nice livery, and I want it to stay. If you think its unrealistic, please check the other aircraft such as the Transero A380 and 747-8. I want this updated too, as I have found 11 other liveries. But UPS stays where it is

Now looking at their past/present fleet, I kind of agree with Kane, it makes no sense that they put a UPS livery on a plane they’ve never used.


No. When I payed for the plane, I payed for the liveries. My money is on that plane…


I would love if someone could prove their point. Please, do research on this because it’s not realistic.

Look, we have a Transero A380 & 747-8. Those arn’t real. The FDS liveries arn’t real, the UPS A330-200F isn’t real. Who cares, enjoy the content we have.


Captain DJ, I have found a source, as well as images that prove Transaero DID have the 747-8 and the Airbus A380.

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But they were never fully put into service as the airline went bust.

But, they had them made and painted. Some might not have been built but some did, however, exist before the collapsed. This UPS a330 never existed and is not planned to, those planes were ordered and some completed when Transaero collapsed.


Please, I will believe when I see it. Can you please provide evidence that they didn’t ever have them?

P.S. Sorry if I sound rude/mad but I’m not 😀

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I agree, keep it real IF.