UPS 767 Pre-2003 Livery

UPS 1988-2003 Livery for the 767F

The old livery of UPS has to be one of the sleekest and retro of all time, perfectly suiting the 767. The livery was in service from UPS’s inception in 1988 up until 2003 when the distinctive brown tail with a golden ‘swish’ was introduced. The airline currently has 61 of the 767-300F aircraft in service with an average age of 13.9 years, with all 767F still in service for the airline. This livery would be a great addition with a 767 rework, and along with the new MD/DC aircraft, would allow for the expansion of cargo services for IF pilots and VAs.

Photo Credit to @theAviationGeek on Twitter. Photo available here.

B767 General Information 

The 767-300F, the production freighter version of the 767-300ER, entered service with UPS Airlines in 1995. The 767-300F can hold up to 24 standard 88-by-125-inch (220 by 320 cm) pallets on its main deck and up to 30 LD2 unit load devices on the lower deck, with a total cargo volume of 15,469 cubic feet (438 m3). The freighter has a main deck cargo door and crew exit, while the lower deck features two port-side cargo doors and one starboard cargo door.

767-300F Specs:

MTOW: 412,000 lb / 186,880 kg
Range: 3,225nmi / 6,025 km
Engine Varients: GE CF6-80C2-B4/0C2-B6/C2-B8F/C2-B7F1/ PW 4056/60/62/ RB 211-524G/H

Some more interesting B767-300F information can be found below:

I love the idea, but I have a feeling that the devs won’t add liveries to one of the oldest planes in the sim…voted anyway.

Wow! I actually like this livery better than the current one! I would love to see these all over Louisville!


Hence why this was stated (:


How about just a UPS 767 livery I like both.


It’s a nice Livery but I don’t think it would fit in IF

Misha, you have a keen eye for detail in every topic you make, great request!


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This livery is indeed very retro and sleek. First time seeing this, love it!

Looks beautiful! May vote for this!

Eh, I don’t really like it; old liveries aren’t my type.

This would be so fun to have!


I would love for this livery to come to infinite flight in the near future hopefully a rework for the 757,767 family is in the works but i feel like cargo is one of the areas i enjoy most in infinite flight i love flying cargo airlines and airplanes so i would love to see this livery come


this would be really cool!

Looks very retro. I love it!

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