UPS 747-8F "Spirit of Joe Sutter" (N605UP)

This would be an amazing livery for an amazing plane! The picture is from her first arrival into Louisville, KY (SDF). She flew in from Everett, WA (PAE) yesterday (9/29/17) under the flight number UPS 7478. She had just been delivered to UPS prior to the flight. Under the cockpit windows/door you can see that she is named “Spirit of Joe Sutter”. She is scheduled to start flying at the end of October 2017 and will replace 747-400Fs on their routes. Until then, it is expected she will fly around the Louisville area and stay parked in their Hangar or on Ramp 11.

More Pictures Here:

Hey I want this livery bad two but this is a duplicate

Link to the thread please?

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Completely different feature, this is for the Spirit of Joe Sutter Livery and that is just a Basic UPS 747-8 livery.


There is literally the same thing only with a spirit of joe sutter thing

So, still is a “one of a kind Livery”

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