Upon Landing, Heading Changes with A/P

Hi y’all. I encountered a bug while on final in solo mode. I would select short final, then set the heading autopilot to my current heading. Then, right before landing, the heading would change, on its own, without any influence by me, or the wind.

Look at the indicator that shows the ILS to see the heading change.

As you can see, the heading changed automatically without any adjustments by me, or influence by the wind.

Device iPhone X
iOS 11.2.6
Frequency Every time the steps below are followed.

How to Reproduce

  1. Start a flight, in solo mode, spawning on a runway.
  2. Select Short Final in the pause menu.
  3. Turn ON HDG autopilot.
  4. Fly a normal, steady final.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app, restarting it, but the bug is still there.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Why are you landing with the heading selector on?? H a n d fly the bird.


He might just want to practice flaring, or could be shooting a video.


I’ve had this happen to me many times, but on takeoff. Very annoying. I would assume it’s a bug.

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I don’t think it matters why he’s doing it, but rather that this is happening. I have no idea what the answer to this is, but you’re not helping @Matt737 by saying that you should handfly the airplane.


Rather than theorizing what the issue might be or what the OP was trying to achieve I tested it myself here’s the video.

With that tested it only happened once, at the beginning with that said it should never be used when landing anyway.

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This why the Autopilot button should be disabled until a certain altitude and distance from the airport is established. Too many people pushing buttons and making the system do everything for them. We see this all of the time with pilots while controlling on the Expert Server.

I get it that you just came upon this but I’m being serious, too many people are developing or have bad habits of using automation.

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I was practicing flaring in the A319, as @Reedgreat said. I practice my landings often, and came upon this bug. I do know that the A/P should be turned off at a certain altitude, and when I’m doing an actual flight it always goes off. However, in solo, like I said, I was practing my flares, and encountered this.

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Is this only for this airport or do you have it on others aswell?

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Not just this one. Everywhere I’ve tried it, it still happens.

Just tried it out… Apparently, after waiting for a certain amount of time, the problem gets fixed. (Look at the HDG)


I have a bit of a work around for you @Matt737 . When you have a landing run where the heading is correctly positioned, instead of hitting short final, use the “live” option in the replay mode to keep going and try again. That way, the AP will still be on, and the heading will work.

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Ok thank you. And thanks to everyone else too!

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