Upload replays to Desktop

Is there a way to upload a replay to my PC? Or are the files too large?

I don’t really know how it would work as you can only open IF replays with the IF App, which isn’t on PC. If you mean send a screen recording of sorts, you can try:

  • Emailing to yourself (25MB limit, I think)
  • Upload to YouTube as unlisted (And then screen recording on PC)
  • Uploading to an online storage device like Google Drive or Dropbox

I know you can transfer photos from a device to the desktop, you just plug your charger cord into the pc and the device and then connect them. I’ll figure it out later. Thank you though!

The YouTube method is the best method for this kind of scenario. I also use this sometimes.

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1: if you have safari/chrome on your flying device (tablet/smartphone), use https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com, and upload your replay,
2:share the code on your computer by adding /dowload?c= and your code to the link above

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oh neat, thank you!

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