Upload picture Authorization?

I tried to upload some pictures I just took on my phone and it will not let me upload it to the forum. I took a picture of the message but I obviously cannot upload that either.

“Sorry the file you are trying to upload is not authorized”

iPhone 6
ios 9.3

You must upload JPEGs/JPGs now.

Make sure your pic is in jpeg format. This is to ensure pics that are uploaded here are not too large.

Edit: jury is still out about whether or not we allow other format; we could also simply reduce the maximum size of pics that are uploaded to encourage ppl to use proper compression (jpg is good for screenshots).

it is though, did this change recently because I uploaded a picture last week and had no issue

Try refreshing the page then.

What format are pictures on an iPhone in?

I have Android, so I don´t know, but a screenshot is a PNG, and downloaded picture is a JPEG/JPG. Check their properties, they have to say what is what.

All you have to do is crop the photo and it allows you to upload (:


ill try it and see if it works for me

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