upgrading to a grade

as I want to upgrade I am playing in offline mode how it will be calculated and update in my online count, I have subscription, but I am unable to enter online mode

What do you mean you are unable to enter online mode when you have a subscription ??


What do you mean by you can’t enter online mode?


I renewed few days back,

You just made a thread on this here. Please only use one :)

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I strongly believe you could put more effort into making a question we understand and can try to answer…

I am guessing with ‘offline’ mode, you mean solo. Only landings you make on any of the Live servers contribute to your Grade.

So, if you want an “upgrade” (a higher Grade), fix the issues and fly on the Live servers.

yes I can access only to solo, and you are telling that to achieve grade2 I need to fly in fly online? how come

you were right,i can access to solo only, I can’t access to fly online,so what should I do to fly on online server (to improve grade) I am sending my screen shot

If you have a valid subscription, and you cant access any of the Live servers, you should open a Support request for this. Its a separate topic. Make you tell us your device, OS version, IF version. Also, make sure your internet connection is ok, and how you tested this.

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Lets stay here:

Your primary question has already been answered ^^

device is vivo 1601
os version 6.0
If version 18.04.0
actually I was playing in old version past two years back I was in Grade 2,recently I brought subscription and I made three violations of over speed, form the onwards I was not allowed on Online fly.

Screenshot_20180815_175900 Screenshot_20180815_175908
if I trying to enter online fly this is I can see, and another is solo fly

You have to go to Casual Server…

I can’t see casual server, I can only see

Casual is on the top.

No the casual server is open to everyone who has a subscription(there is no atc on casual server but you are playing with other people. As you said earlier you had 3 violations over 1 landing. The voilation/ landing ration should be equal to one, so all you need to do is get 2 more landings with no violations

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Casual Server is referring to “Casual Server [Global] V2”. Just click on the words I circled in the picture above, and you’ll be in Casual Server.
You should fly in Casual Server a lot until you are good enough to access servers like Training Server and Expert Server. Casual Server will still give you things like Landings and Flight Time, but you can’t get violations.

Right now, you are Grade 1. You have fulfilled all of the requirements to rank up to Grade 2, expect for what @Plane1 said: you have three violations. To become Grade 2, you can’t have more violations than landings.
I circled the area that shows you your violations-to-landings ratio. On the left, you can see your number is 3.0, which means for every single landing, you have three violations. However, to become Grade 2, you cannot have more than one violation for every landing. (That number can’t be more than 1.00, it shows you the requirement to the right of 3.00) Does that make some sense?

I recommend looking at some of the tutorials made by the Infinite Flight staff. If you would like me to recommend a tutorial for you, just let me know.

Thanks for reading, and happy flying!

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