Upgrading iPad

I currently have the iPad mini 4 and I have about £500 to spend on a new iPad. Which is the best one to go for.

Just get the latest and greatest within your budget. Plus even if you get a new one it will be out of date by years end with they way they update devices nowadays.

Ok thank you for your advice 👍🏻

Guess what? I had an iPad mini 4. And I just bought the iPad Air 4th Gen (2020). It’s absolutely amazing, and costed around £550. You can max out everything, put Anti-Aliasing On, Limit Frane Rate off, Airplane count Very High and will run without a single lag

The screen is very big and feels a lot better compared to the mini, and it looks gorgeous, too. When I pick up my mini know, it just feels so small and hard to use.

I really recommend the Air 4, you won’t regret buying it. Trust me.

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Ok I think the Air 4 will be the one for me

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I too recently, down-upgraded, depending on what specs you look at, from the iPad Pro 12.9" (2018) to the Air 4. The Air 2 was my first iPad ever, and seeing the form-factor of the new Air 4 is the same as the iPad Pro 11", and the Air 4 pushing performance similar, better or slightly below the Pro, in different areas, with that A14 chip, it is more than able to take IF to grater heights. If someone is on a semi-budget but wants the greatest and latest, for money’s wroth then the iPad Air 4 is the perfect device on the Apple side of tablets :)

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Yes I would stay on iOS since my life revolves around Apple ecosystem


Never had a iPad Pro, but I’m glad the Air is just as good enough when u compare the prices

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I understand that very well, the Apple ecosystem is well built, and offer much great experience with a wide-range of products today, so if your budget allows for the Air 4, then I’d say go for it, it is a cheaper alternative to the current Pro, which not everyone needs, the trade-offs that can be big for some are, the Pro has quad-speakers, not the Air 4, the Pro has 120hz Pro-Motion Display, not the Air 4, but when putting them side by side, in the real world, if those feature differences don’t mater to you, and you’ll use your iPad for mainly or only play IF, and maybe all watch YT, Netflix and etc…, then the Air 4 is plenty enough. You won’t regret the choice! :)

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