Upgrading from flight of 5 to flight of 8 very soon

Great news I am now upgrading from flight of 5 to flight of 8 by next week I will be able to expand my TX-LHR routes the flights I am going to operate are

BA192/193 777-300ER DFW-LHR-DFW
AA20/21 777-300ER DFW-LHR-DFW
AA50/51 777-300ER DFW-LHR-DFW
AA78/79 777-200ER DFW-LHR-DFW
AA80/81 777-200ER DFW-LHR-DFW
BA194/195 777-200ER IAH-LHR-IAH
BA196/197 777-200ER IAH-LHR-IAH
BA190/191 777-300ER AUS-LHR-AUS

I will be 2 flights away from the 10 flights that did TX-LHR before COVID-19 the 2 missing will be

UA880/879 777-200ER IAH-LHR-IAH
UA5/4 777-200ER IAH-LHR-IAH

I am like supper hyped and if anyone wants to join me on these routes I can use 2 pilots until I get my last 2 IFS accounts created just contact me on discord and let me know which flight you want to do my discord is Pilotcharles737#0392 again supper hyped for this most people would consider me idiotic for this but I have to create my own fleet because trying to choose what flight to do on a good route is very challenging and trying to find other pilots with the same interests on these routes back then were next to impossible for me so rather then waste time choosing and wasting other people’s time I am putting my own fleet together so I don’t have to choose between flights so again I am really hyped for this

Thank you infinite flight for creating such an amazing flight sim i have had alot of fun doing these flights and growing and keeping my passion going thanks so much

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Sounds fun. Keep in mind “flight of…” is for formation flying. Not the anount of flights in a session


Yes I know that but I use flight of to symbolize how many is on each route and to let ATC know which ones are mine

Also I might just start putting heavy after each one because I don’t want to get some unknown vector and not be able to expect for the other aircraft and IFATC might get confused as to which aircraft I am operating also it will have to do with how busy the airspace is as well because if it gets to busy they have to give a bunch of vectors and I don’t know when it gets to busy and if I did I could spread each flight out where I can decend 1 at a time every 20 minutes instead of decending 1 every 5-10 minutes but this post this not about IFATC problems this post is to let the IFATC and other IFC members know who is behind all these flights going from LHR-TX splitting off to and from DFW IAH and AUS another thing I do to symbolize which flights are mine is connect all 3 TX airports to the same FPL so for example if I am doing TX London I know that they can all connect to LIT or YUL for departures and for Arrivals they all connect to MEM and then split off to each airport based on ocean crossing starting way points and FR24 high altitude flight paths I have put together connection to each ocean way point both TX-LHR and LHR-TX so tomorrow on casual server ima do these routes I put in the post

As controllers, we don’t really care who is behind the controls of each aircraft on our airspace. We provide equal treatment to every aircraft despite if you’re controlling 1, 2 or 8 aircrafts at the same time; so unless you’re flying in formation, flight of X isn’t needed as it will mean nothing to us.

If you’re unsure about being able to control your aircrafts at the same time dedicating the needed attention under ATC services, my advice is to avoid making them fly to the same airport on a similar arrival time.

The most important thing to do is to ensure that you’re flying within the Expert Server rules, professionally; on all your devices.

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