Upgraded to iOS.11 and ended Up with technical issue.

I updated to iOS.11 on my iPhone 7+ and my subscription that covered everything from all aircrafts to all maps or locations, is not there anymore even though the subscription clearly say it expires 2018 in August 6th. What should I do to get everything back like I had it in the beginning? Anybody please help

Where’s a picture we need to know what it looks like to help figure it out
And it might be a bug with IOS 11

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Can you please confirm that you are using the same email for your account as you were before iOS 11?

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Yes I am using the same email.

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Have you tried a Device Restart and after that, try deleting the app and then re-dowloading it?


Wow. You need to click restore purchases.
That always works for me when I do that.

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Let me try that. And I will let you know once I’m don’t and if it worked or not.


Try sign out then sign back in

After you hit restore purchases you still have to download everything again but you won’t be charged. It’ll just say “download” in the bottom corner instead of a price.

Hey there, as long as you are logging in with the same account information try selecting each aircraft and click download. It may ask you to purchase them again but you won’t be charged again.

Ensure that you have at least 1GB of storage free.

Have a good Internet connection.

A device and app reset may also help you here.

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Turned the phone off then on then deleted the App then downloaded it again. And it was a success. You are a genius @Joeoreilly77. Much obliged. And thanks a million on top of that.


Great to hear we solved your issue! Happy Flying and see you in the Skies! :)