Upgraded Account to Live+ and Went Down to Grade 1

Hello All,

I have a question, how come when I upgraded to the Live+ version my grade went down from Grade 2 to Grade 1? My flight time and XP’s are still the same as before when I had the monthly Live account.

Thanks, Marcus

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Hi there and welcome to the community! May you include a screenshot of your statistics so we can help furthermore? Thanks in advance. :)


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Your violations in the past day are 6, they need to be under 5 ;)


Thanks for the picture, it helped me understand. You simply had six violations today, which exceed the requirement (five). In the topic I linked below, you’ll find information about when and why they exist, how to avoid them and much more. I hope you’ll get less violations tomorrow. :)

Oh :D did not see that, thank you all for your help!


I guess I did not notice it because other times when you are missing something to get to the next grade it is in orange. (and I was testing the new planes in Live by accident that I got and I speeded, oh well)


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