Upgraded A350 Winglet

The purpose of this feature request is to 1) make the A350-900 more realistic and 2) reduce the workload of the devs:

In 2018 Airbus upgraded the A350-900 winglet. It is now the same as the one used on the -900ULR. I assume the devs are working on the ULR variant since it is in such high demand. If they CAD the old winglets for the -900 they will have to make another set for the -900ULR. If they put the new winglets on both variants it would be less work and more realistic.

A number of airlines only have A350s with the new winglets (Iberia, Air China, Philippines, China Eastern, Evelop, soon Air France and every other operator that receives its 1st A350 in the future) so it would be unfortunate to use the old ones with these liverys.

Additionally, as the original operators get new A350s they get the new winglets. This has already occurred for almost every pre-2018 customer. Also, I think pilots would prefer to fly the new, more efficient A350s over the old ones. These improvements led to a range increase of about 100nm for the -900.

This looks more like the old version:

Here is an image of the upgraded winglet:

^Credit: P Pigeyre

Here it is on B-18918:

^Credit: Andre G

This is the old winglet:

^Credit: Mark P

Hopefully the team is still early enough in the design process to make this change. It should be easy because the -900 and -900ULR are now externally identical. I.e only one winglet model is necessary to CAD.

TLDR: the -900ULR winglets should be used on the -900 since it is more realistic, simpler and allows the community to fly the newest and most efficient version of the A350.

Either way I’m very grateful that IF is finally getting the A350- this is just a small and easy way to make it even better, thanks for your time!

Jason recommended making this a feature request.


Very cool little fact.


Hopefully they are but the whole point is that there isn’t a difference between the variants. Maybe they will divide it up by airline in a realistic way but this would be more work.

And for example, wouldn’t you rather have a Qatari A350 with the new winglets instead of the old ones?The CAD they released seemed to show the old winglet and that’s what inspired me to create this request just in case.


Yep, I understand your point between the differences. :)


This is interesting, I never noted that there were taller winglets for the -ULR version. I assume the A350s built with the original winglets will get the new ones eventually?

Hopefully they’ll have this in consideration, since they’re still modeling the body now.


Good suggestion, Although I prefer the Old ones. They look much better.


Increased 100mile range?!? So pilots don’t need to cry when the approach asks them little upwind then, ;)


Yep it’s part of what made its range possible- I think the original ones will be flying on old A350s for awhile. I’m not aware of any plans to retrofit them at the moment. I just hope we don’t need a retrofit in IF lol


I had noticed a difference between the actual A350 winglets and what is being developed for the IF. I even thought it was something from the angle of the photos. But it would take the Devs to attempt that.


Voted. N512DN was the first A350 in Delta’s fleet to feature these new winglets :)


That looks awesome, do you know when they took delivery?


I’d like there to be an option to choose whether new Winglets or Old.

Voted anyways!


I’m not sure. The first flight was on the 25th of January, so I’d say around New Years…


I’m not trying to speculate, but I would imagine they add all of the variants, so maybe that was a different variant in the photo


The point is that the -900 and -900ULR variants are now identical. But I guess there’s a chance that CAD image was for the -1000


Or the 800. Let’s not jump to conclusions without all of the information


It’s not jumping to conclusions, here’s the rationale: the -1000 exists and has a winglet similar to the CAD. The -800 doesn’t exist.

The other possibility is that they will determine the winglet based on the livery.

Bigger picture: there’s nothing wrong with this type of speculation. We’re allowed to do that on this forum as long as it isn’t inciting people.


Bringing this topic up. Now that the A350 is taking shape, will be great if the developers take in consideration the new winglets (at least based on airplane registration).


Thanks for that^

Unfortunately the CAD looks like the old one, not sure what the plan is for the ULR: