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hello everyone in this community… I’ve downloaded all free aircraft and one paid aircraft in infinite flight and app size increased to 848MB. So if I upgrade to infinite flight PRO, I can access all aircraft and more region. so can the app size can increased over 1.3GB after upgraded to PRO? Thanks…


IF Pro comes with all aircraft, Live, and the ability to fly all over the world, all data is streamed, that means you need a constant internet connection while you fly.

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Nope! Your device will simply stream the terrain so all you need is a strong connection to WiFi or cell service!

Yeah the total app size once everything is installed is around 5GB. Once you have Pro though you don’t have to install everything so it could still be around the 2GB mark depending on your available storage.


Actually it will automatically download whatever aircraft you meet in Live. So after some use it will reach 5GB pretty quickly.

You might need more than 1GB and it depends if you want.

The reason : In live if you didn’t download all the aircrafts then you only see the aircrafts that you’ve downloaded and other aircrafts as little boxes.

Here’s a screenshot of the app size (I’ve already downloaded all aircrafts).

Hope that helps.

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So… Aircraft and scenery is stream. Thanks

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Wow… Wow… That’s nearly 5GB