Upgrade to IF pro but remaining days of Live+ lost - not clear yet

Hey Chris, sorry but I don’t get it 🙄

And must asked again, not „solved“ yet for me, sorry.
I have already upgraded to „pro“ but the new expiry is just from now on 12 months and not from the expiry of the former live+, hence I lost those extra days!

Hi. Send @Tyler_Shelton a proof of purchase by providing him with both receipts. He should be able to help you out :) Good luck!


I had this problem as well. Maybe it’s some upgrading issue? Where older “Live” subs are replaced with the new “Pro” subscription.

Also, I heard Philippe mention a “discount,” which I did not receive when purchasing either of the subscriptions. I thought the new Pro subscription would add onto my existing one. Not the case.

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The discount was regarding the fact that one year of live+ is significantly cheaper than 1 year of pro. And both give the same results.

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In my case I was buying monthly subscriptions, where in the previous version of IF the 1 month sub did not include access to all aircraft. But I was still expecting the Pro sub to add onto my original subscription.

If I had waited for my subscription to end then bought another month of Pro, I would’ve paid the same but had 2 months in total, which sort of confuses me.

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Thank you guys, I‘m not alone 😇
@Tyler_Shelton can you help your old IFATC buddy Dirk and check my account please?

Please see also original thread Upgrade to IF pro but remaining days of Live+ lost

I upgraded from Live+ on 12.10.2017, but the previous Live+ subscription should have been running until 24.11.2017

Thanks! 😎

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Why are you guys getting a pro when we said live+ were grandfathered to pro subs?


@Laura so if we have one year of Live+ we will receive IFPRO for a year?

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Yes! We announced this last week :) it’s converted to a Pro until your live+ runs out.


@Laura That’s awesome, I read it in the update post- I just wasn’t sure if it was actually happening for Android yet (which by the looks of it is actually coming soon for me)

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Because my live+ would have expired in a couple of weeks anyway and I though it would add the year of IF pro after the old live+ expiry date, as it did before (when you purchased another year during a running subscription).

Anyway, that update is worth every cent of it! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I just wanted to understand. Thanks Laura! 😁

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@Laura sorry im new to this. However, I have two questions, how can i know if im ghosted and when will it “expire”? I was hosted for speed violations on the Training Server.