Upgrade to Grade 4

I would respectfully ask to be upgraded to Grade 4. I have 125 hours flight time. I have over 500 landings needed. I also have 88,347 XP AND 43 landings in 50 days.
I am uploading the info that shows my request. As since I had lost all my pertinent information since I have been flying again due to a problem that was with your server, I ask that you look into this request

I am uploading the info from my Infinitflight page to substantiate my request. Thank you for this consideration. Steven Maniaci

Hi, you seem to meet all the requirements except the amount of landings in 90 days, which is marked as orange at the bottom of the list of stats. You need to have more landings to get to Grade 4. You currently have 43 and you need 57 more. :)


Just keep doing touch & Goes…