Upgrade from Grade 3 to Grade 4 Pilot

To Infinitflight,
My call sign is N533JE and I have completed 102 landings in 90 days. As you will see when I post my IF information, you will see I have 995 landings since the start of my use of the flight simulator XP 94,843, over 133 hours flight time and the landings afor mentioned. So please at your convenience check my status with the information I will provide to you. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Steven Maniaci

You have to many violations to be a grade 4 pilot. You can’t have any. You have one, so no they cannot give you grade four :)


You have got one violation in the past 7 days. Thus meaning you cannot go up to grade 4. The system upgrades you automatically, so once you have met the requirements for the level, it will upgrade you.


Wjat requirements must be met in order to be upgraded

You’ve already been given the answer. Don’t have any violations

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For how long must I fly without any violations? (No fecesious comment intended)

I don’t honestly know but I think it’s between 3-7 days? Someone can give you a more specific answer

No, 7 days is not bad at all. I thank you for your time and consideration with this matter. I know how hard you all work to do the great job that you do.
Steven Maniaci


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