Upgrade/Expansion Live+ in € Euro


my live+ will be expired 11th Dec, i want now expanded untill to next year(+ 1 year).
I want payment at Appstore in Euro(€), but i didnt found for payment for 1year? On Website ask me Card(dont have) / Alipay(didnt account) or BitcoinsWallet(didnt have)?

Thx forward.


Have you tried paying via the website or in the app?


I have on website view it Card/Alipay/Bitcoin this 3 things dont have it. Want tried at Appstore but didnt find it. @Kyle.Plane

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Yeh, maybe purchase live through the IF website. The website can be found here at: https://www.infinite-flight.com/

Just log into your live account and follow the steps to purchase the subscription. It works out cheaper through the website. If you already have iTunes credit then purchase it through the app. If you can’t find the price and your having issues, then contact a mod. ;)


Yeah i have purchages but didnt can pay on appstore.?

Hmm, try to restart your device and see if you can see it after that. If not a mod can help ;)

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I dont have buyed, because didnt find the payment at appstore 😉

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Want payment with my AppleID

@turkish534 try these 2 things

  1. Search for infinite flight-flight simulator on iOS App Store, scroll down after the screenshots, click top in app purchases. You can find one year subscription there.

  1. Open infinite flight, click fly online, on top right of screen click on your name, it will show your subscription details and call signs and such. Click on upgrade and you can find live+ there.
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Sorry can`t help Android User.

BTW. Du bist der Dritte, aus unserer schönen Stadt, den ich hier treffe.

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I have tried it but disnt can expanded it.

Try the App Store method

Go here: https://appsto.re/ae/NUbgC.i

Scroll down, press ‘Top in app purchases’ you’ll find live+ there

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I have find only Month, but if i press on monthly nothing to do them on Top purchasing? 🙄Thanks for ure effort. 😉

Everything fine Android User, 😊

Ja ich habe dich vorher beim kommentieren gesehen, ich kenne nur dich als Berliner. 😉🇩🇪

Contact @david via PM. He’ll help you with these kind of issues.

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Just wait for it to run out then purchase it when your given the option… just be aware purchasing through the AppStore can sometimes fail to work

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thank u for ure effort and took time i will take contact with devs.

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Yes, ure right ihave also thought them views minutes ago, thank u for ure feedback.

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