Upgrade are good, correction are better!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a position on a topic. Today, after a few updates, I can see that the application is making progress, but that the corrections and adaptations that have long been required are not being taken into account. That’s a shame.

I’ll start with the grades; to secure grade 5, you need to secure 180 landings over 90 days! Personally, I don’t think this adds any value. In fact, it forces us to make pointless touch-and-go operations, just to secure the 180 landings! From grade 5 upwards, I think the flying hours are more in line with the reality of aviation!

Point 2: night flights are not interesting. Compared with other applications, there are at least graphics of illuminated cities, which helps us especially on approach, and in addition the main flaw of infinity is that it has no terrain radar.
I often take off from GVA and the taxiway to runway 4 is still not illuminated, despite my various requests.


Hi there! Nice to see you have some recommendations, but you can vote for them here.

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My issue with night flying comes to taxiing. I can’t see a thing and the landing lights are useless.

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