Updating the F/A-18

The Proposal

The F/A-18 is one of the older aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet. I believe that it needs a rework. I think they should add autopilot like the other fighter, gear animations, and flaps animations.
Why Update?
Updating the F/A-18 would add more realism to it as well as making it a more used fighter. I think that gear and flap animations would look realistic, while autopilot would make it easier to fly long distances in it. It would allow the pilot to take breaks and leave their device to do other things while the aircraft is flying.

My Opinion

Personally, I’d love it! It would provide a whole new experience when flying the 18 and would allow me to work better with it. I could do other things during long flight rather than sitting and flying the aircraft those long distances. The gear animations would make the plane more realistic as well as adding in flap animations. This could add a new perspective to flying the F/A-18.

(Image credits go to Infinite Flight F-18 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet simulator game play plane F18 F 18 Jet - YouTube)

This belongs in #features but there is already a feature request here as well. go here: F/A 18 Rework and you can vote for it :D

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You should vote over here.