Updating my infinite flight stats

Hello everyone i wondering how to update my stats or show my stats on my profile thanks.!!

And please do let me know if this is off topic thanks.!!

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On IFC, click your profile pictures on the top right and click the person icon. From there click preferences and then click “profile”. There you can edit your profile stats. Be sure to go to the bottom and click “save changes” so they stay!

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Hey Zoe,

In order to add the flight stats on your profile, copy this link into your profile bio:

![My Stats](https://profilestats.kaimalcolm.com/v1/USERNAME.svg?bg=%231a1d21&text=white)

You can replace USERNAME with your actual name and change the “text=white” to whichever colour you would like the text to be.

Take care!

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Appreciate your help have great a day.

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All good. Be sure to use @ Declan_O’s link to get there faster.

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Not quite. Copy Declan’s entire link and paste it there. Replace USERNAME with your IFC name.

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Thanks it worked.!!

I have question what should i do to match it with the main stats on if.?

My Stats

Not sure if this is related or not, but is your IFC account linked to your Grade 5 account in-game?

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Yes its linked to my grade 5 account.

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