Updating Local Repository


If someone commits an airport to GitHub and I want to make another change to that airport, will my local copy of the repo (the one linked to GitHub that allows me to commit straight from my GitHub application) have the updated version from the last guy that committed? I wouldn’t want to replace that person’s hard work just because I wanted to make a quick fix. Do I need to redownload the repo again?


You can fetch his changes and merge them with yours locally and then push the merged result:
git pull origin develop (will fetch and attempt to merge with your local changes)
git commit (will commit the merged result)
git push origin develop (will push the changes back to upstream)

It is usually better for each developer to fork the original repo in its own GitHub account and work form there and submit pull requests to the original repo so it is easier for everyone to see what changes. In this scenario you have 3 repo:

  • upstream: original repo
  • origin: fork in your github account
  • local: the local clone of the forked repo

It is a bit more setup and require some time to get use to it but in the long run it make things easier, especially when you have many devs working together.


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git is a hard beast to master. It is easy to mess things up (we did many times with the IF repo). It is worth spending the time learning though.