Updating Livery database

Whoever created The Livery database , thank you very much it’s a great resource. I was thinking maybe there should be a way to search specifically for a livery across all aircrafts. Right now you can only search for an aircraft type and not a livery. It would be nice to be able to type in an airline and have all the aircraft with that Livery come up. Maybe this is an option and I’m just not seeing it, I’m currently trying to find all the aircraft with the Saudi livery.

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I believe that is @Chris_S to thank and talk to. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

FPLTOIF.com and go to livery database!

That’s not really what the thread was for lmao

There’s a livery database and you can click “Saudi” and all Saudi aircraft will show up

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Thank you, I didn’t know this existed apart from the main database. Thank you very much

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Yeah, there’s a manu that should sort aircraft by livery.

Thats actually not a bad idea. I will look into that and see if its possible. Right now I need a few extra hours in my day to get everything in my head done but will add it to the list.


Take your time Chris, you are amzing with web development.

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I know janpolet.nl has a fantastic database, created by @Jan.

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