Updating issues

When I try and update infinite flight, I says something about a update in the description but there is no update button. My device meets the requirements. What do I do?

Hi 👋🏻

What device are you using?


Issues such as these, is generally due to corrupt or faulty cache in Google Play Store. This is assuming that you are using the same Google account as you were using at the time of the app purchase.
To resolve your issue, please try the steps given in the help article linked below:


LG K51 android 10 with a 64bit

I already tried that.

I assume that it comes in waves, where one get the update then the next and so on. Isn’t that how it works anyway?

After looking closer, it seems like your device manufacturer decided to use a 64-bit chipset but use a 32-bit Android version. Something like putting a combustion engine in a Tesla…

Unfortunately your device will not be able to support 21.1.


Oof. Does that mean I will not be able to play infinite flight multiplayer again?

You will. 20.3 will continue to be supported :)

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If you can fly! but I think not with 20.1

Thank God.