Updating IFATC application form

So I applied to the IFATC group about a year ago and I was thinking of rejoining. Is there anyway to update my application’s credentials and wether I’m interested or not?

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I believe you can just reapply if thats what your asking?

Well if I can, great! Though the website specifically says that you shouldn’t submit multiple applications.

Wait, you applied a year ago and haven’t heard from them?

Unfortunately not. I have checked my dm’s and emails. I did receive an email with the unique code.

Did you apply through the IFATC website? ATC (if-atc.com)

Re-apply. Doesn’t look like you have an “active” application.

Not sure what exactly happened as to why someone didn’t reached out.

Okay, thank you.

I hope this won’t cause a problem during my application.

You meet all the requirements looking at your stats, so, no it shouldn’t be an issue.

Good luck during the process!


Thank you so much for you help. I really appreciate it.

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