Updating callsigns to match airline

One thing that frustrates me in Infinite Flight Live is that people do not match their callsigns with their airline. People should be encouraged to change their callsign if they are flying with a plane that has been branded with an airline logo. I feel like this would make it easier to match a plane on the map to a plane in your line of sight, especially on the taxiway.


Please don’t judge everyone’s realism. We are free to fly wherever we want, and with whatever callsign.

People will never be 100% realistic, you must accept that.


I agree that some encouragement would be a cool thing, but unfortunately you are not able to post in #features yet. Be active in the community and you’ll be able to do so at some point!

That shouldn’t be a requirement to fly the aircraft/livery though (in my opinion) as I agree with @Claudio as well.


Very true. It would just be a nice thing. But you are right, you cannot control everyone, and not everyone will be realistic.


I understand your annoyance coming from someone who also uses realistic callsigns based on the airline I’m flying. Please know that airlines in the real world don’t always use the matching callsign. It’s rare but can apply to charter flights. A more common example could be an airline operating for a subsidiary airline.

DHL cargo is a great example of this. They don’t even have a standard “DHL” callsign. The 767s in their fleet are operated by either ABX or Atlas Air so they use the “Abex” and “Giant” callsigns respectively.

For some charter and replacement aircraft, they use the callsign of the airline they’re substituting. HiFly Malta did a lot of substitute flights for Norwegian due to the 787 issues. Versus using their “Sky Flyer” callsign, they used Norwegian.


It gets annoying for me wanting to change my callsign to match the airline so I just Use Solar1

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If strange call signs give you frustration, wait till you open as ATC at KLAX on a school holiday 😉


Funny enough, I go by the callsign “Bluestreak 5214” because that was the callsign and flight number of my first commercial airline flight as a pilot 😂


Also Atlas air uses Qantas as a subsidiary for Qantas Freight


I can affirm this hahaha. In europe I think they use Eurotrans as callsign. And the airline code always starts with a QY or BCS.

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People pay their hard-earned money for this, I think they have a right to use the simulator in a way that suits them


Sorry there, but cannot be bothered. I try to fly reasonably well and I like my sempiternal call sign!

Ha ha ha, Lol. Good one 🤣🤣👊

I like having the freedom of choosing my own callsign personally. I see the point of view your coming from but I like having my callsign and being able to choose through a lot and being able to create one. :)

Yeah I like flying with my custom callsign VH-HOSS

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