Updating Airport Charts


I don’t really know if this should be under this category but I’m beginning to notice that the current airport SID/STAR charts are really outdated compared to updated Navigraph charts. Just wondering if y’all agree and would give their own opinion on if IF will update their data for updating airport charts.


Hey, Captain_Young!

As far as I know, this data is updated when it becomes available to NavBlue, the data provider Infinite Flight uses for these types of things.

Once the data is obtained, it needs to be pushed to the app itself. This is done when we receive navigation/airport updates.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Cam has not been able to get a push out. There is a lot going on with buildings, which has become a priority.

When we do see the next navigation/airport update, updated procedures will likely be implemented. This is, however, assuming the data was received and adapted from NavBlue.

Hopefully this makes sense. Have a good one!

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Thanks for the detailed explanation! Really appreciate it!

-Cpt Young

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