Updates? Updates!

Hello all,

I read earlier that due to the unfortunate harassment of Ukraine development of the F18 and E-jets will be delayed. Does anyone know if that includes future updates of other features and any upcoming 3D airports??


Keep an eye on Infinite Flights social Media for info about this.👁

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We know of a few airports are going to be 3D, I forgot the names, but IF always puts people over profit, so that’s why the F/A-18 and EJet rework will be a bit delayed.

I think it’s just F/A-18 that’s delayed. (Anyone correct me if I’m wrong)

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So far it seems only the F-18 is delayed by the tragedy in Ukraine, however, Jason does also say that the E-Jet might also get delayed for the same reasons, keyword being might. (post)
As for the airports, they’re done by volunteers all over the world, however it might be the case that 3D airport objects might get delayed if they were done by the same designers that were affected, though there’s no info on that for now. As for other features, unless we have a nuclear war they’re most likely still being developed, as all the known developers are outside of Ukraine


As of current, only the F/A-18 is delayed, it was mentioned that there is a possibility of the EJets also being delayed.

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Well, if we get to that level I doubt airplane games on our phones would be on anyone’s priority radar lol

E-Jets will likely be delayed as well since different parts of the aircraft are usually done by different people. In this case, we will likely have fewer people. We’ll keep you as updated as we can.


3D airport development is not directly tied to aircraft development and therefore shouldn’t be backed up very much or at all for that matter. We’ve got quite a few cool airports that’ll be coming out in an update that’s suppose to launch sometime soooooooooooooooooooon. And even more airports that will launch after that, and after that, and hopefully after that and… I think you know how this will continue. 😃