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Does any one know if theyre still working on weather improvements on future updates? I would like to see better cloud layering in the future and im wondering if this is still going on behind the scenes.


Me too! However, they said that they were planning on adding more layers of clouds when 21.1 released, but we haven’t yet gotten any WIP’s. They maybe working on it behind the scenes, but we do not know. The best is to be patient right now!

im hoping IF can implement live weather

They have that on live servers! Just not the rain.

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I’d like to see not just a cloud visibility and layer but spread out, thick cloud layers.


This is what I was talking about. Would like thicker cloud layers and have them go below 20,000ft too. Idc if it stays like it is now and I have to adjust it manually but I would like some sort of environment updates in the future

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Everyone is all about the new airplanes but, IF has a decent selection of high quality aircraft. I want to see the actual flying aspect improved with some better weather graphics. I feel like this topic has just died over the last year or so


Yeah, the clouds need some shape and thickness to it, the sky needs to look cooler. I mean sometimes with the cloud layer i can see airport lights through the clouds from 20,000 feet, which doesn’t make sense unless there was a pocket in a system of clouds

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Even just some thickness. The cloud layer is a foot thick right now, theyve nailed the surface visibility pretty good, now they just need to do that in the atmosphere

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