Updates to global scenery

Hey IFC, first: this is not a feature request ;).
I asked myself if the scenery IF uses (don’t know the name of the provider) gets updated on a continuous basis? Mainly because I wondered if clouds, merged into images, get removed over time… Does anyone have any information in regards to this?

I don’t really know but the scenes are likely to be updated continuously to promote the user experience!
Even if for me Africa would need it in some places.

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So I wonder if updates get streamed in „the background“ without realizing that there are new updates available. Afaik the images get streamed directly from the server, am I right?

I think that if the scenes are updated they are after the update.

The provider TerraColor NextGen from what I believe does not update regularly and is one time purchase and use until a newer version is purhcased.

An example of why I believe it is not updated is airports Istanbul (LTFM) and Beijing Daxing (ZBAD) do not show the airport in imagery, just the farms that were there before. The latest version by this imagery provided, NextGen 2020-Q2, contains over 50% of the more populated areas with 2018-2019 imagery (which would contain both these airports)


Alright, thx for explaining ;)

Thank you also I learned something

So with that being said, if IF wants to update the scenery they’ll have to purchase again?

I would believe so.

10 bucks a month from us, update it !!!

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