Updates are so long i am eageeer

hello there, just a quick question :
I am a player since 2 years but I was wondering why is it lasting so long to develop airplanes.

I imagined that deciding to rework the Airbus 330 for example would mean to develop every version including the neo ones. But it is not the case as only the A333 is planned.

From my non-expert point of view, I would have believed that it would not be that different to develop at the same time Neo because you can reuse the bases of the A333…
Also why making a more-than-a-year rework but not including more liveries (I am talking about the B777 because you removed SkyTeam livery and only letting the basic AirFrance one
and fun fact : you forgot to change the registration as the F-GZNE is painted as SkyTeam haha)

Well, thank you a lot

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Because they do it with a small team from scratch.

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Hi there! Updates take so long because they try to improve with every update. They have to get all the aircraft data, design an aircraft that looks and performs the way it should in real life, get all the liveries designed, and do all of this with a relatively small (yet nevertheless passionate and capable) team of developers on a mobile flight simulator with many inherent performance and storage restrictions. In a full rework, they rework each aircraft from scratch, just the same as if they were adding it brand-new to the game, so it can be to the best standards possible.

As to the liveries, it is a matter of choice and storage. They cannot add all of them, and the decisions on which liveries to include, exclude, and remove is entirely up to them and what they think each livey will and won’t bring to the app.

Happy flying!


the liveries are not stored in the app actually

Maybe not storage, but memory definitely.

Where did you get the information that the liveries are not stored in the app? I haven’t heard that before.

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Honestly it’s quite remarkable how they are able to push so many high quality updates with such a small team.


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because when you fly an airplane for the first time it downloads airplane and livery datas

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yes of course but i am wondering why they are not going a bit further by adding similar planes (A332-A333) with a reduced effort as bases are already built

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Here is a list of things they have to do (at least I think).

  1. Decide aircraft they are reworking
  2. Remodel entire aircraft. Every wire on the gear to all the little nooks and crannies on the wings
  3. Model the entire 3D cockpit
  4. Code all the flight control surfaces to make them move
  5. Work on coding wing flex and gear tilt
  6. Coding fully realistic physics in a million different scenarios from real world data
  7. Start flying it in the game. Making sure the physics work and are realistic
  8. Code the live instruments to reflect flight data
  9. Add a ton of liveries (made from scratch)
  10. Fix every little bug that may arise from making the plane
  11. Make sure the plane works in every possible situation

Seems like a few months work to me.


I mean if I truly wanted to, I could just say *ss. The system can be stupid sometimes…

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Unfortunately the gods of typing are not on Cameron’s thumb’s side today.

Back on topic, though, Will’s response (and Cameron’s) does a great job explaining all the work that goes into an update from such a small team of in-house developers. The updates are worth the wait though :)

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Some of the time, it can be up for debate.


That’s a gross looking emoji.

And every update is worth the wait.

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Personally for me, it really depends.
But if the servers are crashing the staff team should know, they made everything right.

Oh my god thank you lol


Anyway, ignoring my lack of hand coordination

The liveries are downloaded the first time you fly, yes. But where do you think they go after that? They are downloaded to the app on your device. Once they are they, they don’t need to be downloaded again. They likely have it this way to preserve performance as long as possible if there are aircraft/liveries you don’t use often or at all.