Updated Waypoint/Fix database

Hello IFC! I was wondering if their is a way to update your waypoint/fixes in IF so you can use the ones given by Simbrief. There is a way to do this on XPlane, but i’m not sure on here. Please let me know :)

You can use SimBrief amd their flight plans… I don’t understand the problem🤷🏼‍♂️

Sometimes when I put in the waypoint/fixes in IFC a lot of them dont show up when I actually put them in the FPL. Lets use the IRMN2 Departure for example. Almost all the waypoints are missing for this STAR.

Try using fpltoif.com. This tool will convert your flight plan from simbrief for you.

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Ok, but does IF update the database?

Fpltoif does not update database…these updates are done manually from my understanding.

Okay, but does IF update the database in the game? Sorry I keep making the question sound confusing

Updates are done by the airport editing team…

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Ok that answers my question! Thank you very much! :)

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