Updated Tutorials


I am seeing some people who don’t really know what is going on while being sequenced by tower while doing ATC on the Advanced Server. I was thinking of adding or updating the tutorials in game to teach you to fly, also to teach you downwind, base, crosswind, upwind, and final, for when approach isn’t available on an approach to an “open” airport

Discussion of more tutorials

Good Idea. But remember, thus far you’ve been programing and establishing a mind set for the Strength In Approach in IMC & VMC. The spawns/swarms are all around Operational Class B’s. Staff up some Operational Towers out of the metro area that routinely require Pattern Launch & Recoveries.thats a school house with a Teacher. You gotta crawl before you walk and ya gotta hold there hand sometime. Pavlov proved it 100 years ago. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends