[UPDATED] Spotting at Logan Airport with the Nikon Coolpix B500!

Hello everyone! Today, I had some time to kill before I go to work, so, Me and my Mom went to Constitution Beach near Logan and I had my awesome Nikon B500 Camera with me. It was worth the trip!


Spotted this Delta Catering truck! Looks like the Catering truck went out of airport property to do something!

First aircraft of the day. This Southwest 737-800 had some weird cowling on the Right Engine

jetBlue Airbus A320 being serviced at Gate C21

A United Boeing 757-200 and jetBlue Embraer E190

slightly blurry photo of a Virgin American Airbus A320 at Gate E5

United Airlines Boeing 757-200/W lines up for takeoff

An American Eagle Embraer E170 lands as a jetBlue Embraer E190 lines up for takeoff

A Delta Airbus A321 landing

A Delta Connection CRJ-900 taxiing after landing

Southwest Boeing 737-700/w Landing

jetBlue Airbus A320 landing. As jetBlue has a Hub here, I saw more B6 Aircraft than others

The same Virgin America Airbus A320 after pushing back from Gate E5

A Gulfstream jet passes Virgin America A320

Closer shot of N502P

An American Embraer E190 taxiing after landing (Being Retired)

jetblue A320 taxis to Terminal C

A Mini Boeing 727! Jk lol, a Dassault Falcon 900C taxiing after landing, and I caught it with the Strobe lights!

A Faraway shot of a Spirit Airbus A320 with Sharklets on Final

Same Spirit Airlines A320 after landing

A Faraway shot of a United Boeing 757-300/w on short Final

Just landed!

that is one long and skinny pencil with wings…

Closer shot of the nose and Cockpit area

Taxiing to Terminal B

jetBlue has soooo many Airbuses. Here is an Airbus A320

Faraway shot of a Delta Connection Embraer E170

Logan Tower

A jetBlue E190 on Final

Same E190 after landing, now taxiing off the Runway

American Airlines Boeing 737-800/w Taxiing to the Runway

Liftoff! A Jetblue E190 taking off bound to somewhere in the US

A Seagull is seen sitting comfy in the sand. Let’s call him little charlie

I wonder what this little jet is? This plane is taxiing to the Runway

American Eagle E175 on short Final

same E175 after landing

Why does Jetblue have so many AIrbuses and Embraers?

First time seeing a jetBlue Airbus A321!

A Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 in the old livery

A Southwest 737-800/w taxies to the Runway for Departure

American Airlines Airbus A321 on final

Close up shot

American represents the United States!

Finally, something Different! An Air Canada E190 taxiing off the runway after landing

blurry photo of the American and Air Canada Horizontal Stabilizers

A Delta CRJ-900 lined up and ready for takeoff

An American A320 battles crosswinds landing

Same A320 after landing

Another American A321

A United Express E175 with the sleek angled winglets

close up shot

some planes taxiing

This jetBlue E190 is seen battling crosswinds on final

The same E190, taxiing off the Runway, sorry for the blurriness

First time seeing Porter Airlines!! Porter Airlines Dash 8 Q400 on final

Taxiing off the runway, with Spoilers still up

Another American Airlines Embraer E190 (Also being retired in 2019)

American Boeing 757-200/w On final

blurry image of the activity going on at the airport

Blurry photo of the same 757-200/w taxiing after landing

Southwest 737-800 split scimitar inbound on final

Taxiing to Terminal A after landing

Same picture as above, but slightly zoomed away to fully capture the aircraft

Two Southwest 737’s. Which one is your favorite livery?

All aboard the Banana bus! Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 taxiing after landing

This Cape Air C402 tried hiding from me, it still got caught

Activity ramping up! Can anyone spot the Sun country B737?

Faraway shot of this beautiful DL A321

First time seeing Sun Country Airlines :). Maybe it should be added in Infinite Flight?

A Jetblue E190 after landing

Hmmmm… what is this place?

Boston Skyline peeking behind the building and treeline

Another Similar jetBlue E190. Do some have the same livery?

Delta Connection CRJ-900 on Final

Same CRJ-900 after landing now taxiing to Terminal A

It’s been awhile since I’ve last seen this Virgin America A320 from Terminal E, It’s now taxiing to the Runway

I love this photo! A jetBlue E190 lands while the DL CRJ-900 taxis to the Terminal

jetBlue E190 turning off the Runway to Taxi to Terminal C

Haven’t seen a United Airbus A320 in a while! A UAL A320 on Final

United Airlines A320 turning off the Runway

jetBlue A320 on final (Did not take a photo of it after it landed)

FINALLY, WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL DAY!!! A Delta A330-300 (First heavy of the Day) Landing from Amsterdam!

right after landing, trying to hide from me, taxiing to Terminal E

Woohoo! Now it’s getting interesting! An Icelandair Boeing 757-200/w On final!

Turning into the Taxiway after landing, now taxiing to Terminal E

Full Sized Picture of TF-ISZ from Reykjavik, Iceland Taxiing to Terminal E

Now this is awesome! Both Icelandair and Delta Taxiing to Terminal E

Two Tails. One from America, and one from Iceland

This is one mean beast

Full Size photo of the Delta Airbus A330-300

Delta A330-300 docked at Gate E7 after taxiing from the Runway

Docked at Gate E5 (Favorite photo)

I spy a Ramp Worker… Let’s call him Bobby

Full Size Photo of ICE B757 docked at Gate E5 with Bobby

Second Widebody plane of the Day! A DL 767-300/w on Final coming from Paris, France

Turning off to Taxi to Terminal E, This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a 767, as FDX and UPS flies a 767 into MHT

Hello in there… Hand me the keys so I can maybe… fly it for a bit? I Promise I will fly it carefully!

American Airlines Boeing 757-200/w On Final coming from Paris, France

Taxiing to Terminal E now!

Full Size Photo of the DL B763

Cessna Citation or Learjet maybe? About to touchdown

I’ve never seen Penair before, same for a Saab 340! Taxiing after landing

Second DL B767 of the day, coming from London, UK

Right after landing!

For All you MD-90 fans out there! A Delta MD-90 on Final

Right after landing, taxiing to Terminal A

Final picture of the day!

Thanks for stopping by! If you looked through all of them, wow! I hope you liked them :)

We Want a Video!!
I did take videos! It’ll take some time to put them all together, stay tuned for the video :D!

Thanks for viewing my photos!


Fantastic pictures Dan! That CRJ-900 taxiing is so cool!

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I have more photos to share, though i have to go to work :(. I’ll share them after work!

Cool! I look forward to seeing them!

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Very nice pics! Personal fave is Charlie.


So cool! Charlie is lucky he gets to see the planes all the time ;)


Boston eh? Wicked ahsome photos bud. Falcon & Gulfstream, woohoo!! I’m a big fan of those Southwest 73’s too. It’s so cool that you’ve got a vantage point to capture these. Nicely done.

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Great photos btw @Daniel_Cerritos love that picture of that spirit on final.


Charlie is the best :D

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“A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 in the old livery”

Pretty sure it’s an A319. Am I wrong?

Ah, thanks for pointing that out! :)

It’s Little Charlie!

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Very nice pictures. I especially love the sitting Seagull !

Great photos! Love the American Airlines shots :)

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The cowling on the Southwest B737 is like that as it would have been replaced with a new one still painted in its old livery. It’s common that this happens but usually it’s a white one.

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Great shots as always, Daniel. Did you stay long enough to see the parade of international arrivals in the early PM?

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Honestly, the Little Charlie photo was the better bird out of the other big birds. One like for this bird 🐦. The other big birds look nice too. I liked the United 757, the pencil shaped bird.

I have never seen so many pictures in my life in one thing this is why this is my favorite post soo good job :)

Beautiful pictures! I love that Spirit A319. I don’t know why they had to change to a different livery😭

Added some more photos! Enjoy!