Updated Scout Team Guidelines & Expected Behavior

Good evening, everyone!

This is a friendly reminder that the scouting team reserves the right to bar or remove a trainee’s ability to continue through the training/recruiting process. This is done for a number of reasons that we feel would streamline the efficiency of the program.

By taking on this no-nonsense approach, it allows us to…

  • Free up time for us to take on more recruits.
  • Ensure that befitting protocol is being followed by potential recruits.
  • Avoid wasting time on subpar individuals.

What we as trainers see in some cases is the inability of a trainee to listen to our advice or behave in an irresponsible manner that does not reflect an IFATC member. This difficulty in cooperation results in a slowdown of the overall process, not only for your scouter, but for the team as a whole. A number of us take the time and effort to show up to other people’s practices- respect them too! The time it takes to declutter your behavior is time better spent elsewhere to improve the inflow process of quality controllers.

Remember, all eyes are on you. As a member of the team, you are a role model for the community to look up to. If someone is going to act up and make life difficult for other people, why should they listen to you? Being the example allows the opportunity for people to follow the example.

Good Ways to be the Example

  • Create quality posts.
  • Show effort in practicing.
  • Display respect towards your peers.
  • Have the ability to argue/discuss maturely without getting personally offended.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. This is a show of STRENGTH, not weakness.
  • Etc.

A list of available scouters are down below if you have any inquiries.

Also, as a side note from some of the training team members, make sure you exercise some common sense when going through the process. We can’t detail every tiny little thing about what you did wrong and how to fix it. It’s up to you to interpret the feedback we give you and use it to the best of your ability.

Remember, ATC is creative. There are literally hundreds of ways to deal with a multitude of situations. That’s why we avoid strictly forcing you to do things in a narrow perspective. Be open to feedback and do things the right way(s).

Happy controlling! Feel free to discuss below any concerns or thoughts you have with the scout team as a whole, the process in general, expected behavior, etc.

I look forward to seeing some of you working the Expert Server towers one day. :)



Well written post Josh.


These practices will make the app more realistic and enjoyable for pilots.

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