Updated: Scoot flight returns to Singapore safely after false bomb threat

Scoot flight returns to Singapore safely after ‘alleged bomb threat on board’

(Straits Times Premium article) http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/scoot-flight-returns-to-singapore-safely-after-alleged-bomb-threat-on-board

As far as I know, bomb threats to planes are highly uncommon in Singapore. I’m glad that the plane made it back though. Any thoughts?

While I’m glad no one was going to get hurt, I’m still concerned as to why the man made the bomb threat. Singapore doesn’t take these things lightly and he may have just landed serious time for this.


Uuuuuhhhh I live in Singapore and yes that is uncommon…a bit scared!


I believe this isn’t the first time such threats happening in Singapore. Last time I heard such incident was 3 years ago, when an Indonesian college student made a prank bomb threat for flight SQ221 which was operated by 9V-SKJ (Once wore the SG50 livery)


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A prank? Seriously? I think Scoot should sue that man and recover the extra expenses incurred from the man like what Aeroflot did.

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