Updated Scenery on Global Patch

Hey there,
I suggest updated sceneries when Global comes out. Now you actually dont really know if youre flying over jungle or green countryland. When global arrives you possibly also fly over deserts and so on, it would look pretty crappy if the Sahara desert would show green. The aircraft are on such a high detail level, why not give a slight update for the sceneries ? :)
Happy landings!


You will see in new dawn posts that the texture changes


Ok I checked it out thats awesome!

Where does it show the texture change

Search for new dawn, continued in the search bar. The first post shows it

That looks really too far to tell. It looks like just a map.

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That could be the next gen flight simulator!!

@Noroftheair I cant believe it for now tho. Looks like extremely much detail.

Yea that’s why it’s called the next gen