Updated Radar

So we have a map that stays in the same position tat all times. I’ll try to explain this the best I can… If you are flying south in IF the plane will be facing towards the south also. In a real aircraft, no matter what direction you are heading, the map will always show the aircraft heading forward. FDS could just remove our current map and replace it with something like this to add some realism. Sorry I tried explaning it as best as I could :/ image


Yeah, a radar may be better, but I am pretty statisfied with the current map.


Would be nice to have in the future, when Global and the 787/777 are out…


Yeah, I guess it would be more realistic but it has to be simple.


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After FDS did wing flex who knows what else they could do

I kind of like the map as is. However, maybe another page could be included with a radar ‘map’ like your example above?

I know right, that’s so amazing! I still wonder how on earth they did it on a mobile simulator… Maybe this could be in the cockpit view on one of the displays?

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