Updated Progressive Taxi instructions

Hello! I honestly think progressive taxi instructions should allow you to say the following:

Taxiing to parking

After they have been given the “expect progressive taxi instructions” command they can expect this:

American 010, taxi to terminal via B, B4, A, Z, C (American 010, taxi to terminal via Bravo, Bravo four, Alpha, Zulu, Charlie)

Taxiing to runway entry

After they have been given the “expect progressive taxi instructions” command they can expect this:

American 010, taxi to runway 31R via B, C, D5, Z (Bravo, Charlie, Delta 5, Zulu)

Exit runway command

American 010, please exit runway via A4 and contact ground

Some of you may think this would make things even more complicated… But in reality, it wont! Here’s why…

  1. Its completely realistic as airports in real life use this all the time. Therefore making Infinite Flight more realistic in the taxiing aspect and could better complete the Progressive Taxi commands.

  2. If a pilot doesn’t understand, im pretty sure there would be some sort of tutorial or it would be labeled in the User Guide.

  3. Out of everything, these would be the hardest parts… First, finding a way to upload the taxiway labels for all the airports. Second, having to figure out a way to lock the gate they’re taxiing to (ATC). Third, a blue lined path guiding the pilots to their terminal/parking area via the different route instructions given in the command.

  4. The command speech for this could be set to a talking rate of 1.5x to ensure its not taking super long to get through the message in case of complicated taxiing.

  5. The command is totally optional so ATC won’t be forced to tell them how to taxi… It could be based on their preferred method (Either they use own navigation or could taxi via their route). This would also set them free of having to tell the pilots “turn left next taxiway” or in some cases doing multiple progressive taxi commands rather than just being able to don’t in one message saving them trouble.

How would this benefit ATC and pilots?

If this were to be added, ATC could expect a direction of travel from an aircraft giving them the advantage in case an aircraft is requesting pushback in a case to where it would be easier to notice conflict because without it… It would be a waiting game to see where an aircraft turns next unless you keep having to tell them to turn next taxiway or something like that.

  • This should be a feature!
  • Eh, too much work

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I’m willing to here anything you guys would like to add to this or maybe even provide feedback!

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