Updated NOTAMs

Current NOTAMs in the game

There are airports with a red circle in the game, for example EGLC and EGKK:

At EGLC TFR was set due to restrictions on the size of the aircraft, and at EGKK because of the closed runway.

The list of airports that have a certain NOTAM is small, but almost every airport has its own NOTAMs. NOTAM contain various additional information about airport, from the closure of taxiways to changes or restrictions in the operation of navigation equipment.

I chose UUEE because it’s the closest airport to me😅


Why do we need this?

  1. All NOTAMs will be in one place, in one window, no need to go to different sites and search for information

  2. It’ll allow for easier operations at airports without active ATC since people can see what is in use and what is not.

  3. It will bring more realism to the game:

    • ATC will see the restrictions: which runway(s) or taxiway(s) are closed and will not allow them to be used by applying progressive taxi instructions.
    • Using other landing procedures if ILS is not available, for example:

All AIP sites of each country have a NOTAMs item, where anyone can export the information or it will happen automatically.

A few examples of how this might look like

These examples do not include the full list of active NOTAMs

UUEE Airport

KDEN Airport

KEWR Airport | another example of how it might look like, by Zach
image0 (2)

KMDT Airport by Zach
image0 (3)

NOTAMs in the AIP of Russia [eng]: http://www.caica.ru/common/AirInter/dnldnotam/notam-eng_210617_0600.pdf
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration: NOTAM Search
How to decode NOTAMs: A Complete Guide to Decoding NOTAMs | ThinkAviation

Special thanks for the help: @Z-Tube

Haha, I heard you talking about this in the server. I am definitely voting for this. Once I get to the skill level I might try to help you out. ;)


Take my vote!

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You got my last vote 👍

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Quite a nice feature there not gonna lie
Except people may not know where the taxiways would be(for eg your G2, G3, G4)

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I like it. Bring more professionalism to the sim is always a good thing !

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Yeah, I know. Maybe someday we will see taxiway names on map or something like that.
Taxiway Markings
Taxiway Signs



It was a pleasure working on this with you, Alexander. Hopefully this will be added into the simulator in the near future!


I’ve been thinking about this before, but all I can say is this request is very good. This makes airports feel much more unique. We might not then use the fastest Depature and arrival.