Updated Norwegian Dreamliner livery

I am requesting a small refresh for the Norwegian livery on the B787-9. I have had the feeling for a long time that something with the current livery isn’t quite right.

As one can see in the pictures below, things such as the smal white circle on the nose doesn’t exist in the simulator. Instead its in the color black.
I have also noticed that the iconic red color from the nose is stretched a little too much on the fuselage (Note: I am not 100% sure if this is the case).
Also, the colors look washed out and not darker as they should be.

This is just minor details, but it is things like this that give you the extra feeling of realism.


Hi, I think you can only post one pic per request :)


That’s right, only one Picture per feature request unless you have permission from a mod or Staff.

And Jonas I have seen it by myself too that the colors is lighter in the sim than in real life.


Only one picture per request as the guys said above.
What is wrong with the livery ?🤔
I can‘t see the difference …

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He said the white circle at the nose is missing in the sim :/


I have sent a request to a staff member where I asked if its ok for the three pictures to be in the post.

Anyway, its the white circle on the nose and the colors that needs a refresh.

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