[Updated] No speed restrictions over the Atlantic or Pacific

This might seem a bit strange, why am I asking for no speed restrictions over at least theese huge oceans?

Because when I fly theese long routes I tend to do it overnight and I’m not the only one. If something was to happen to me, I wouldn’t know because I’m asleep and in the morning I find out I crashed and incoured 6 violations putting me from grade 3 to grade 1. (Yeah I’m a bit salty this happend not too long ago and I’m still grade 1)

Would you like to see this?

Just to clarify this is a request to abolish the 250kt at under 10,000ft

  • Yes
  • No

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You don’t need a pole for feature requests, the votes do all the talking ;)


I totally get where you are coming from but I dont think this will fly

As useful it would be, i’d rather keep it as is. Just because its more like da real world :)


Exactly, we take the risk of sleeping at the yoke. Lol


What if you fly eastbound from for example London to Hong Kong? It’s the same thing but without any big ocean.


Just sleep then, plan your flights so you start at 2100 then sleep and finish on the next day :) OR you can use an alarm

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Your title looks like you’re suggesting no speed restrictions so that you can fly faster and have a shorter flight time at a glance, instead you’re asking because you don’t want violations incurred as you aren’t monitoring your device.

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I dont think its needed. The speed limit is based on what the airframe can handle. So it wouldnt be realistic 😉

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I understand what your saying and I agree to an extent however looking at live flight trans Atlantic and Pacific is more popular

You’re absolutely right about that. And have them all crashed?

My point being;
You are crashing for a reason, work on that instead of trying to circumvent the actual issue by having us deactivate speed violations over a certain area :)


No please, dont want to see 787s flying over 1000 kts on the expert server


I would not think so legal because I would lose some of the real simulation that the IF has and if you sleep on the flight and wake up on land, having passed the ocean, you will get a lot of violation, anyway, for me it’s not that important

I don’t think this is needed. Work on planning and configuring your flights correctly, checking the appropriate cruise speed online - M0.78 for narrow bodies (mostly), M0.80 for 767, M0.82 for A330/340, M0.85 for pretty much the others. If you’re not using an app to assist with step climbs then just stick to an appropriate cruising altitude for the weight you are when you go to bed - FL330 east, FL320/340 west is quite normal. Make sure you have enough fuel plus some in reserve, and set your alarm to make sure you are up in time to begin the descent.

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Errr… just a tiny bit off, lemme get those exact numbers… 😉

  • 777-200LR/200ER, 777F & 777-300ER : Mach 0.84
  • 787-8, 787-9 & 787-10: Mach 0.85
  • 747-400 & 747-8I: Mach 0.86
  • A380-800: Mach 0.85

Well, I’ve been doing the 777 wrong for a while 😂 Duly noted…

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787 can easily do M 0.86. Regardless, I see absolutely no need for this.

Those are the minimun cruise speeds for those aircraft. I usually do M.85 on the 777 without any issues.

@Cbro4 and @Kiz, Those are the optimal cruising speeds, not minimum. As you guys mentioned, you may go a bit higher to .85 or .86 respectively, but most of the time they will fly at .84 (B777) and .85 (B787) IRL.

The minimum for 777 is .83, which is a speed I fly quite often and it can cruise perfectly fine at that speed. But also even as slow as .82 it works with no hiccups. The 787 can fly as slow as . 83 too. I also fly the 777 at .85 sometimes and 787 at .86 but I tend to keep it to the typical speeds as mentioned above but doing .85 or 86 isn’t nothing wrong, and feel free to fly at those speeds as IRL the aircraft many times does fly at those speeds you guys mentioned, due to various different reasons, such as high tail wind, to cover a minor delay or other due to other circumstances :)

Max speeds for them are at .89 or something like that so one may even go that far if they please but a gust of wind could result in violations ;)

@jghastings, I don’t know what speeds you’v been flying but they can’t be too far off, right? 😂


@Captain_JR maybe just a Mach or two out here and there. Hopefully not enough to have the planes tearing themselves to pieces mid-Atlantic :-)

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