Updated live trail paths?

Well, this is interesting I guess… Just pressed on someone’s flight and noticed how precise the path looked in-game (like it has never before) and was surprised that it had suddenly changed to the exact trail that it took?
Examples of it are below:
(thanks for being around for me to show your path, @Kenneth_Licona)

I hope this is something that isn’t unplanned, just happening in this session, and rather have it from now on, but this is super interesting. Ever since the path thing got released I’ve never seen anything like this in the game. It would be nice if someone else could possibly tell me if it’s also happening for them, I’m interested.


I’ve noticed this as well. It does seem that the paths have become smoother.


They certainly have. Weird that its just come about without being in an update or anything either

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Loving those smooth lines.

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