Updated Libyan Flag

And i wasn’t pointing my words directly towards anyone specific.

And the difference is slightly significant…

Old Flag: Green, it’s green and nothing more.

New Falg: Red Strip on top, Black stripe in the middle and Green at the bottom. And on the black part there’s a Star and a Crescent, which is often used as a symbol for Islamic countries.


You can’t differentiate between a solid green flag, and a flag with stripes with a star and crescent on it?

…when’s the last time you got your vision checked?

First off, that’s very offensive. Second, I’m sorry, I didn’t see that post of his.

I see @Northwest point now. I’m sorry.

Offensive? It was a valid question. He posted the different flags in the 3rd post. You made multiple comments asking the same question.

Guys no need to argue or dabate about that now. I think everyone understands the difference between the flags.

Take it over to a PM of you wish to further discuss about that.

Had no way of knowing that, I apologize.

Back on track: I think this is a valid request, and would probably be very easy to change.

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It’s spelled in several different ways @AndrewRG10

We’ll look into this, thanks guys! (closing to avoid it going too far off topic)