Updated IF Database with All Aircraft, Liveries & More

Nope. No app.

Wouldn’t know where to begin.
I’m not a coder, so that’s a big one.

congratulations for the initiative. was what I was looking for.


Oh right! I shouldve known that since I’m studying Computer Science 🤦‍♂️

I’ll be updating the database to reflect the most recent update of IF as soon as possible and report back when it’s done.

The database has been updated!

The 8 new A330 liveries, that came with Infinite Flight update 19.1, have been added.

The total amount of aircraft and livery combinations is now 687!!


Geweldig mooi gedaan Jan!

Actually there are 2 more for the 77W Cathay Pacific (new livery) and TAM ;-)

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Dank je! 😉

Yeah, I was just made aware of that.

I didn’t see those in the release notes. 🤔

Will update again soon.

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It wasn’t mentioned clearly, but it was actually hidden under “Other Improvements & Fixes” -> Livery fixes, updates, and additions. :-)


The 2 new 777-300ER liveries have been added!!

The total amount of aircraft and livery combinations is now 689!!


Oh, and you guys still have some work in terms of registrations.
Some aircraft have no registration and some registrations are being used more than once. ;)

Thanks Jan, I will have a look at them.


That’s amazing! 👏🏻

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I’ve added the preview image of the Grumman Aerospace F-14 with Tanks / Armament to the database.
After a long absence, this image was finally added to IF in the last update.

I was looking at some other themes for the website, but ended up not changing it.
I did add the Infinite Flight logo and changed the table colors to match it.

I wonder how many liveries the XCub will bring.
As always I’ll update the database as soon as possible after the release of an update.

Well from the sound of it a few because some will have the a different cockpit interface as well some liveries will require a subscription, but we definitely know that there will be a yellow livery.


I love that one! 😍

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Right now I’m in the middle of moving back into my home, after it has been renovated.

Everything is still in boxes, but as soon as it’s possible again, I’ll update the database to the latest releases of IF.

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The database has been updated to the latest release of Infinite Flight!


  • American Champion Super Decathlon has been removed
  • Boeing 747-200 EAA 50th has been added
  • CubCrafters XCub has been added with 7 liveries

Now there are 59 aircraft and 696 aircraft & livery combinations available in Infinite Flight!



Just for your information; the link to the database has changed.

I’ve started developing Airport Ground Plates and I’ve made a page about the plates the landing page of my website.

Both IF databases are still available through the top menu though.

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